A Practical Guide to Reducing AC Magnetic Fields


About the Book: Silencing the Fields
A definitive guide to power-frequency magnetic fields - often called "EMF"

Fields from Water Line Currents
A major topic in Silencing the Fields, and often a significant source of residential fields.

Sample Chapters
A sampling of material from six brief chapters of Silencing the Fields.

EMF Shielding
Shielding works well and economically for electric fields but not for AC magnetic fields.

Measuring One's Own Magnetic Fields (EMF)
Much of what is covered in Silencing the Fields depends upon taking AC magnetic field measurements. It is not convenient to rely on someone else to do that for you.

The Question of Risk
Are magnetic field health effects still an open question? And whom should we be listening to about that?

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Silencing the Fields - EMF Reduction Principles

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Concern has arisen about the health effects of AC magnetic fields, also called electromagnetic fields or EMF, because of scientific studies that have linked a modestly increased risk of childhood cancer with elevated field levels of this type.

These fields result from our use of AC electric power. But high magnetic fields can be avoided without abandoning electric power. The fields that arise are often caused by household wiring errors that can be corrected, or by grounding arrangements that can be altered without compromising our safety - all at reasonable cost.

Even the fields that emanate directly from the power company lines near a house may be remediable. Although often the homeowner's cost for obtaining such changes may range from quite high to prohibitive, some changes may be as simple as persuading the power company to rectify a neutral wire defect or do a better balancing of phases on their line.

In 340 densely informative but highly readable pages, the book Silencing the Fields examines all the possibilities. Ed Leeper is the physicist co-author of several influential early scientific studies examining the link of cancer with magnetic fields, studies done more than 20 years ago, and he has worked actively with the measurement and mitigation of AC magnetic fields since then.